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Reinventing Textiles

Reinventing Textiles, 2004

Reinventing Textiles Contributors

Contributors to
Telos Art Journal, London

Artists' Interviews

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Interculturalism and Dance-Theatre
Interview with
Elizabeth Cameron Dalman

by Lycia Trouton


Sculpture on the Riverbank - Lycia Trouton

Real to Reel


Artists' Monographs

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Lisa Jones at 'Peloton' 2007

by Lycia Trouton

PDF of article

Mark Brown at 'Peloton' 2007

by Lycia Trouton

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Textile Fibre Forum (TAFTA):
Adrienne Kneebone 'Amesh'
Woods St. Gallery 2005

by Lycia Trouton

Cecilia Heffer
UTS 2007  

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Fiona Gavino

by Lycia Trouton

Fiona Gavino giving presentation.
Context - Gavino's temporary installation is in dialogue with the Public Art, the statue of Explorer John McDouall Stuart on the pedastal in the background, 1862
Raintree Park-civic plaza, central Darwin Fiona Gavino's sculpture, "Haystack" materials: fibre.
Photo Credit: Lycia Trouton 2005;


Layering the fragment

Layering the Fragment:

A critique of Mickey Mouse Painting

A monograph on painter Juneo Lee, Singapore, catalogue of works 2003 - 2010.

with kind permission from Juneo Lee

Go-between the Sheets

Book Chapters

Echoes of Irish Australia

'Echoes of Irish Australia: Rebellion to Republic'

The Tower as Nineteenth Century Folly in Ireland and Australia.

Essay by Lycia Trouton
Edited by Jeff Brownrigg, Cheryl Mongan & Richard Reid
ISBN 978-0-980390-0-4

Contributing Authors

Dr Keith Amos Fenian Convicts Transported to Australia.
Prof Jeff Brownrigg 'The Dear Little Shamrock'; Nostalgia and sentimentality in some poets of Irish Australia.
Dr Jennifer Harrison It's a long way to Tipperary.
Dr David Headon Equal to the majesty of nature': the key elements of Denehy's Australian Republic.
Ann Herraman 'A certain shade of green' - the Irish in 19th Century South Australia.
Carol Keirnan Proudly Promoting a Celtic Nation Abroad: the first Irish diplomatic representative to Australia Dr T.J. Kiernan and his folk-singer wife Delia Murphy
Dr Jeff Kildea Paranoia and Prejudice: Billy Hughes and the Irish Question 1916-1922.
Dr Elizabeth Kwan St Patrick's Day Procession, Melbourne, 1920: an Australian or Irish event?
Dr Noeline Kyle & Rob Willis The Songs My Father Sang To Me.
Dr David Lee The Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Australia and Ireland
Peter MacFie Tasmania - Home for Forgotten Young Irelander Rebels of 1848.
Dr Trevor McClaughlin Protestant Irish in Australia.
Prof Oliver McDonagh The Irish Sisters of Mercy in NSW 1859 -1875.
Dr Perry McIntyre Restoring family ties: convict family reunion in NSW 1788-1849.
Dr Michael McKernan Under orders - a glimpse of a clerical past
Prof John McQuilton Resisting the siren call of Empire?: Kelly Country during the Boer War and the First World War.
Prof John Molony Republicanism in Ireland and Australia.
Cheryl Mongan 'A matter of pleasing surprise': The Irish Famine orphans 1848 - 1850.
Dr Val Noone An Irish rebel in Victoria: Charles Gavan Duffy, selectors, squatters and Aborigines.
Dr Ruan O'Donnell The 1798 Rebels in NSW.
Prof Patrick O'Farrell Irish - Australia at an end.
Dr Richard Reid 'She would prefer the old porridge': The Irish journey to mid-19th Century Sydney.
Dr Lycia Trouton The Tower as nineteenth Century Folly in Ireland and Australia.

In The Loop: Knitting Now (Book Cover)

Chapter in 'In the Loop: Knitting Now'

Texting/Textiles: blogging & knitting in the public sphere

Chapter by Lycia Trouton

Ed. Jessica Hemmings, Winchester School of Art, U.K
ISBN 13: 978 1 906155 96 4 2010
with Black Dog Publishing.

In the Loop aims to challenge oversimplified associations of knitting as domestic craft and capture the diversity of contemporary textile culture related to knitting today. Contributors include Sandy Black, Mary Brooks, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Rachel Beth Egenhoefer, Deirdre Nelson, Clio Padovani, Lacey Jane Roberts, Freddie Robins, Annie Shaw, Joanne Turney and Lycia Trouton.

Critical Articles & Reviews

PDF of article

Unfolding Territories
UoW 2002

by Lycia Trouton

  ¤ The Australian National University, Research School of Humanities.
Pain and Death: Politics, Aesthetics, Legalities, Vol. XIV. No. 2. Ed. Carolyn Strange, by Lycia Trouton, DCA, 2007

  ¤ Common Goods:Cultures Meet Through Craft (unpublished)

  ¤ Jacky Redgate 2003

  ¤ Maree Azzopardi 2002

  ¤ Marea Gazzard and Rosalie Gascoigne, AM
     Danks Street 2002

Conference Papers

  ¤ Curtin University conference, Western Australia, 2004

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